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            VBScript error connecting to Terminal Server VPN connection

            Getting message error connecting to terminal server:

            This means that the users machine is unable to connect to the backend server. 
            This can happen for a variety of reasons 

            Some things to check: 

            1) Make sure your workstation is fully patched. Example : SP3 for Windows XP 
            a) The updated RDP 6 from Microsoft may also help, which is part of SP3 

            2) Check that the user has an updated Java. 

            3) Check that the browser is not blocking webpages. 

            4) Open the java console window to view if there are any errors opening ports. 

            5) Try disabling the personal firewall temporarily to see if that is blocking things. 

            6) Turn on com.stoneware.relay.managers and com.stoneware.relay.startwebapplications 
            Watch the View Log on the relay for any errors connecting to the back end host object. 

            7) Make sure that your terminal server (TS 2008 and higher) are set to "Allow connections from computers running ANY version of Remote Desktop (less secure)" 

            Updated: 21 Jul 2014 07:46 AM
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