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            lbOrphan utility to remove orphaned lockbox values

            Attached is a little JSP utility that you can use to remove any lockbox values that have been orphaned.

            In the JSP, just add the index name you want to remove on the line that says:

            String indexName = "..... enter the index name here ....";

            Then log in and run this - it will do the following:

            1. If the lockbox value was a user one, it will disappear from Password Manager.

            2. If the lockbox value was an admin one, meaning there is a directory object for the lockbox index, the value will be removed from Password Manager, but the lockbox index in the directory will still exist (meaning the index will still show in your Password Manager, but with a blank value).

            To use:
            1. Copy the edited file to /stoneware/webserv/custom/lbOrphan.jsp on all of your webNetwork relays.
            2. Create a Standard Link tile that points to /custom/lbOrphan.jsp, and assign to the users you want to run it.
            3. Have the user login and click the tile.

            Optionally, you can call the tile via the profile login script.

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            Updated: 11 Aug 2015 07:19 AM
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