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            How to Remote Validate LanSchool License

            Problem: How to install LanSchool in an isolated lab.

            Solution(s): Since the machines will be unable to get to the license server, you must manually install the licensing: 

            1) Once you have entered a License Key into the licensing dialog you can press the 'Advanced' button. This brings up the manual license validation dialog and generates the certificate request text as well as the private key file. The private key file is stored in the common appdata folder (either c:\ProgramData\LanSchool, or c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\LanSchool depending on the OS). 

            2) Copy the request text to the clipboard and then click the URL listed to open the manual license validation form on the web. If you cannot open the form from this machine, you will need to copy the request text to a thumbdrive or email it to yourself to transfer it to another machine ). 

            3) Paste the request text into the web form. If it is valid you will be prompted to download a license file. If you had to go to another machine to get the license file downloaded, email it to yourself, or copy it to a thumbdrive to get it back to the machine where you started the process). 

            4) If you had to go to another machine to download the license file and the manual license dialog is no longer visible on the machine you started the process on, you will need to run Teacher or Tech Console on that machine again to get to the license validation dialog, enter your License Key to enable the 'Advanced' button, and then click the button again. 

            5) From the manual license validation dialog, click the 'Browse' button to locate the license file you downloaded. 

            6) Click the OK button. This will validate the license and copy it to the common appdata folder where the private key is. 

            To enable a second machine to run without validating that machine you simply need to copy *.key and *.lic from the common appdata folder mentioned above to the same location on the second machine.
            Updated: 22 Mar 2017 07:44 AM
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