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            Debug CIFS file nodes

            ** Test with the Net use command **
            From the main stoneware server go to a cmd prompt and type : ping server     
            Where server = the server name that holds the share.
            Make sure the ip number that comes back is the proper ip number then do a : ping -a x.x.x.x  
            Where x.x.x.x is the ip number you just got back and make sure it shows the server name.
            If the forward and reverse do not match, fix DNS or put an entry in the host file on the stoneware server for x.x.x.x servername.example-cloud.com servername
            This will assign that ip number to the long and short dns name for that share server.

            Next from the stoneware server type : net use j: \\servername\sharename\path /user:username password
            Replace J: with an empty drive letter and servername\sharename\path , username and password with proper values.
            You may have to put domain\username depending on your configuration.

            If the net use command does not work, then there is a good chance that this will not work with webNetwork.

            ** Test with the cifs.jsp **
            Next you can make a link in webadmin to /apps/tools/cifs.jsp   Assign it to the portal/webNetwork admin group and log off and back in and click on that new link.  This will let you enter in information on the fly to test CIFS connections.  When entering in the server name, try ip number or short dns name or long dns name, depending on your environment, one or more of those should work.  Some environments may require the domain to be set, try it with and without the domain.  Try it with and without the Share name to list 

            Upon clicking the Test Cifs it will list any other workgroups that it finds, it will then try to connect to the CIFS Server using the username/password you provided and list the shares and files.  If this test works, then this same information should work fine with webNetwork file node.

            ** Test with file service node **
            1. Go to webadmin and create a file service node.
            2. Enter in a unique folder name
            3. Set the type to CIFS
            4. Enter in the ip or dns name of the share
            5. Enter in the path like /myshare
            6. Click Next
            7. Enter in the users who should have access to this node
            8. Unless you specifically want to put more restrictions on the node, check all of the rights.
            9. Click Next
            10. For Authentication, select specified
            11. For username, put in a valid username (later this can be changed to dynamic variables)
            12. For password, put in a valid password (later this can be changed to dynamic variables)
            13. Click SAVE
            14. Go back to File System Properties and click the PING button (5.4 and higher)
            15. Wait for 3 minutes and then go to File Services / my documents and test your new node.

            For complex debugging you may need to add some parameters to your /stoneware/bin/webNetwork.lax file  per these instructions : https://helpdesk.stone-ware.com/portal/helpcenter/articles/error-connecting-to-slow-samba-server-debug-cifs

            If the cifs/smb node is hosted on Linux OES2 or Netware Cifs, then you may have to edit stoneware\bin\webnetwork.auth and add -Djcifs.smb.lmCompatibility=1 -Djcifs.smb.client.useExtendedSecurity=false 
            to the end of the line that starts with : lax.nl.java.option.additional= 

            Updated: 18 Apr 2016 06:44 AM
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